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Mobile feeders
Plate compactors
Poker vibrators & drive units
Beams & screeds
External vibrators

Dynapac is one of the world’s most specialized and experienced manufacturers of compaction and paving equipment. Our ability to present an exceptional end result is based on experience, engineering expertise, and on numerous successful innovations. Within our lean and target-oriented organization there are short and straight paths between development, manufacturing and our worldwide service network. No wonder that Dynapac is a winner when you compare performance, life-cycle cost and overall profitability.

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75 years of innovation

From experience we know that listening to our customers is the best way to get input for future development. At Dynapac, we always strive to find new ways and better solutions. Productivity, performance, ergonomics and environmental care are prioritized areas. But most important is your satisfaction and success. That’s why we keep spending efforts and resources on development – and on knowledge transfer. Still, after more than 75 years, the ability to take advantage of change helps us to remain pioneers